Microscopic identification, as we have discovered from our research with leading bee pollination experts has revealed a complex world of over 19,000 bee species many under threat due to human activity yet vital to our survival. Our collaged prints and drawings of bees’ genitalia and facial structure expose a tiny fraction of this threatened dance of life. Let’s celebrate biodiversity while we still can. Party on…
The exhibition begins with the ‘Partygoers’, illustrating diversity through their form, colour and surface sculpture. They arrive at the party and mingle in [i]‘PARTY ON!’
a celebration of biodiversity. It is estimated, globally, we are losing 150 of all species per day. The exhibition concludes with 150 individual bee facial drawings on fragile tissue paper fading into oblivion - ‘The Morning After’.

The exhibition is available for tour and is complemented by practical workshops and lectures to encourage participation and discussion in relation to conservation.

Funded by: MIRIAD; WWF Pakistan
Sponsored by: Almond Pollination Company; Bee Works, USA