BEE NEST MAKING WORKSHOP - suitable for adults and children, and school projects

Encourage bees into your garden, and help increase the yield of your fruit and vegetables.
Solitary bees comprise approximately 74% of our 256 species of UK native bees and are excellent pollinators. Their existence is under threat due to habitat degradation. You can help their survival by making artificial nests from logs with drilled holes into which the bees can lay their eggs. Painting the logs and placing them in your garden will help the bees relocate their own nests after foraging. Please note: solitary bees are non-aggressive
Materials: seasoned drilled logs; acrylic paint; paint brushes

BEE MASK MAKING WORKSHOP - suitable for children and school projects

The workshop is introduced with a brief PowerPoint presentation which by showing the bee head images and drawings from our exhibition, PARTY ON! illustrates the diversity of bees worldwide and their importance as pollinators.The children have the opportunity to pick a particular bee head image that they like best to create their own bee head mask. The workshop is ideal for children to express themselves artistically, gain a more intimate idea of the myriad colours and diversity of bees, learn of the importance of habitat and species preservation and, in the process, have fun.
Materials: pencils, crayons, felt-tip pens, light-weight card, safety scissors, paintbrushes, elastic and staples