'Every third mouthful...'

‘Every third mouthful…’

‘Every third mouthful of food we eat is dependent upon the unmanaged pollination services of bees’.
Buchmann, S. L. & Nabhan G. P. The Forgotten Pollinators, 1996, Island Press

The exhibition highlights the fact that wild indigenous bees are in decline due to human activity, and as a consequence our food supply is under threat. The series of prints, ‘in the field’ and ‘bee wrangling’ reflect the detailed field-work, methods and language used in researching bee populations.
The large wall panels are constructed from layers of dyed wood veneer, which are worked to reveal strata of colour and texture. Richly coloured text and images indicate a celebration of the natural world. The monochrome, reversed panels reveal the potential result of damage to our fragile environment: we see ‘Superbee’ positioned against the threat of a potential ‘Sixth Mass Extinction’.

Funded by: Arts Council England; MIRIAD; Barfil Trust
Sponsored by; Bee Works, USA; Oxford Bee Company; Penzo Graphic; Osmia Publications